Sunday, December 6, 2009

You Never Know

A few weeks ago Josh and I were doing some thrift store hunting. We didn't have an exact shopping list, more of a "let's see what we can find" general/vague idea. Usually that is a dangerous mind-set to go shopping with (!), but for artists out and about it creates an open-minded adventure!

We became fascinated with boxes and were opening them, checking to see if they were usable as booth decor and storage, when I open a long flat box and saw that it was a backgammon set I realized the potential sitting there! The round pieces were smooth and just about the size of a small pendant. We bought the set for $3.50. I figured, drill even one piece, decorate...sell the pendant for $10. The entire backgammon set is paid for!!

Now with all these black and white pieces, I have to admit I've been a little overwhelmed with all the possibilities...but two pieces have turned out quite well. I hand-painted a dragon fly on one, and an abstract spiral snake like thingy on another. I thought that perhaps a teenager would be attracted to these little pendants.

The dragonfly and abstract snake spiral made their debut this weekend at the craft fair at Nimbus.

There have been many teenagers looking at our work.

No one had been noticing either little pendant!


And then...look who found it, loved it, bought it, went to the ladies room, put it on, and came back to show us....

Yes...that is one happy and delighted customer. And I learned my lesson that all I can do is make and put the work out there...and just not get too caught up in the who's gonna want it game.

(authored by Lisa)

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