Thursday, October 28, 2010

And now for something completely different

Today the staff of Kewish Designs were extras in a commercial being filmed about The Market Place! We played the part of "shoppers".... Josh lucked out and got his own close-up as someone buying flooring! I didn't take shots of just have to wait until the commercial is released!!!

KCRA 3 Truck in the parking lot!

The spread...because filming a commercial really takes a lot of energy!!

The camera and monitor. I enjoyed watching the director and camera man compose the shots. Lots to consider. Noticing things like white plastic chairs being seen through glass cases... "Someone please move that chair out of the shot!!"

This is a common scene. The actors waiting. While someone moves white plastic chairs, lights are adjusted and blocking the main characters. (blocking=showing you where to stand and how far to move and stay in the light).

More waiting. Really. This is about it.

...and more waiting. Lots of this for shots that last about 20 seconds!!

Director gives Shawn some...direction. She has this great art called "Scribbled Stories." Fun pictures with quirky little stories! I love them.

ahhhh and after a tough morning of shooting, the hot tub. No...not really...but it did seem like a wonderful thing to do!

We are not too sure as to when the commercial will begin airing. But it is KCRA 3 for about 3 months!

And yes, I did make a point of wearing one of my eye-catching pieces... "Luna"...  :)


Friday, October 15, 2010

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