Friday, September 30, 2011

Pieces for Week 39...How to Make a Copper Leaf

My painted leaves are a big hit at our booth at High Hill Ranch! That is all I have been making. Instead of sending another batch of pictures of leaves...I thought I would share some pics of the process!

I cut out a piece of 18 gauge copper for the leaf using metal shears.
Using a template that I designed, I scratch the outline of the leaf.

I use the metal shears again to cut out the leaf. I prefer the shears over a jeweler's saw because the shears create shape in the opposed to the saw which creates a flat piece with no movement.

While the shears create "movement" in the copper, they also leave behind a rough edge. Lots of filing is needed.

More filing....
Filing in the corners...I file at an angle to begin to sculpt a shape in the leaf.
A leaf!
I use a colored ink to create unique designs on the leaf.
We will be at High Hill Ranch, Apple Hill, CA every day through December 11, 2011! I am already coming up with a ivy leaf designs for the Winter Solstice!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Pieces for week 38: Happy Fall Equinox!

Lisa's Leaves...celebrating the Fall Equinox. Top leaf can be found at High Hill Ranch, leaf on left at Journey Spiritual Center, leaf on bottom (sold!) Hand fabricated copper with silver. Inked for color.

Little matching earrings! Hand fabricated, ink on copper.
At High Hill Ranch. Hand fabricated copper with copper wire, fused silver. Light ink coloring. On jade beads.
Crescent Moon. Hand fabricated copper with copper wire. Fused with silver. Silver granulation. At Journey Spiritual Center.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pieces for week on hold...I have something to eat

Homemade peach cobbler. Want some?

The official name of this is "Wheat-free, Refined Sugar-free, Vegan Peach Cobbler."

And yes, before I began this project...I was a doubter.

I lu-UV ooey-gooey peach cobbler. (one moment, leaving the computer to go grab some of this luscious stuff....)..... I need a cup of coffee to go with this................. brb.

ok. So the Kewish household has been following the Ways of the Vegan.  Also going wheat-free (due to my allergic reaction to all things wheat)...and toss in refined sugar avoidance to help with blood sugar levels. You ask...what is left to eat in the world...?.... I've taken it on as a challenge.

(and if you are wondering where we get our "protein sources"... we get it from plants...) ok...

So...peach cobbler. Made my way. (btw...this recipe DOES contain calories. I do not know how many. I do not want to know.)

Kewish Designs.....FOOD!

Provocative Peach Cobber
(that title is much sexier than Wheat-free, Refined Sugar-free Vegan...blah blah blah)
Preheat oven: 375

6-8 desperately seeking meaning for their existence peaches (meaning: very ripe)
Make them naked and without seed. (skin and pit)
Cut into slices. With awe and wonder...put in large bowl.

Bathe them in Agave Syrup (about 1/4 cup)...delight them with cinnamon...mmmm and sprinkle in some ground cloves. Just a touch.

(Aw....come on...this is the BEST way to cook...makes all the ingredients happy to have such attention!)
Mix up this wonder and let it all sit together and co-mingle. They are all happy together. Let them have their time.
New large bowl.
1 cup Gluten Free Bisquick
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup Earth Balance Spread
a bunch of cinnamon
Squoosh this mixture up (I used a potato masher, you can struggle with a fork)...keep squooshing/mashing until the Spread is broken down into little pea size nuggets.
¼ cup + 2 tbsp So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut milk
1/2 cup pure maple syrup (yes, I used two different sweeteners...try wild)
2 tsp vanilla extract

Mix it all together.
Feel free to taste. Nothing "raw" in it...make sure you have enough cinnamon....mmmmm

Spray an 8x8 baking the happy peach slices in pan...pour the batter over....kinda urge it over all the peaches with a knife or spatula.

Place in oven for about 40 minutes. Do something vibrant and time absorbing...for 40 minutes. There are many options.

When your 40 minutes are up...take the yum out of the oven. Let cool...a bit.
Add icecream...we used Luna's and Larry's Organic Coconut Bliss...

indulge, eat, wallow...gasp with wonder.

It's amazing. is something else I made. It can be found at Journey Spiritual Center's gift store.

Sterling silver on copper moon with silver granulation

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pieces for week on hold ... I have something to say

A ten-year old girl said to me, "I am stupid. I didn't know what four plus two was, so I'm stupid."
I had a talk with that ten-year old.  I made it clear to her that she wasn't stupid.

Ten. T.E.N. Ten...already deciding this belief about herself. It doesn't get better.

I have heard twenty-somethings' say things like;

"I am stupid."
"I am bad."
"I can't do that."

I have heard thirty-somethings say things like;

"I am stupid."
"I can't change."
"Oh well, that's just the way life is."

I have heard forty-somethings' say things like:

"I am stupid."
"I give up."
"This is all too hard."
"Life sucks."

I have heard fifty-somethings' say things like:

"I am stupid."
"I should have, could have, ought to have..."
"I'm gettin' old."
"Sex isn't all that..."

I have heard sixty-somethings' say things like:

"I am stupid."

These lies that we tell ourselves...these insidious, flat-out-wrong beliefs about who we are - male or female - are keeping us all from evolving and advancing and progressing and being alive and vibrant.

There are many writers out there that write about loving your self and being gentle on yourself...peace - light - and all things holy.
I am not quite on their page.

Sometimes an individual has to take the warrior's stance against the bullshit that inundates us.
From our upbringing, to our media choices, the music we listen to...even the food we consume....

Few understand the challenge of "inner-warriorship." Many are apathetic. There IS a fight. There IS struggle and temper-tantrums and a whole lot of  things "I don't wanna give up..."

Most settle in with, "Oh, well....things seem ok...why fix what doesn't seem broke...."
Life is adequate. Life is satisfying.

I would challenge you on that...
You may find that you are more apathetic than you think...
Apathy will bite you in the ass.
And then it's too late.

A good way to move past apathy is to ask questions. Really? Yes, really.

Last night I was making a purchase and there was another customer with questions. She kept apologizing, to the other customers, for asking questions. I had to step in.

"There is nothing wrong with asking questions."

What I should have said was, "Asking questions is a sign of intelligence."
The Less-Than, Not Good Enough, Not Worthy, I'm Stupid labels...will be ripped off by me. One by one. As I find them.

And frankly - sex should get better and better with age. Because you SHOULD be learning more and more about all the bodies involved, your own and any other body involved.

Nothing about us is stupid, is lost, should ever whither...
We can break patterns, change, create new things, invent lifestyles and constantly educate ourselves.
This is why we are not stupid. We have amazing minds that move us into amazing lives.

I can write of this because I know.
Ask me.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good Day...or not!

On Saturday, September 10, the vendors at High Hill Ranch/Apple Hill received a notice that "Good Day Sacramento" would be filming a segment...and if we were interested in being at our booths at 7a.m. "working."

Well...what artist wouldn't love some free promotion?

We did. As did others.
So, most of us crawled out of bed EARLY, to show up EARLY...and then wait.

Note: usually we show up at 8:30am-ish to open at 9am. So...many of us were minus sleep and coffee. By the way - not a drop of coffee to be found anywhere. :-/

To make a short story - shorter - We did not get on the segment...nor did most others. Just two. The candlemaker and the glass blower.

I can't find the segment to embed. But I did take some photos...just for fun.

Camera guy sets up while artists wait....

More set up....

And yet more set gets better...


More LIVE!

LIVE! Explaining how a glass bead is made...

Setting the glass bead in the clay to cool...

Wrapping it up...

"Did ya see us on TV?"

Mike vows he will never EVER show up early again. Three years in a row...he's done this and has never made it on TV.

Dazzling Dawn...I think she should win the most beautiful booth award...if we gave them out! She hand-paints all her glass!

Meanwhile, while most of us were just standing around being disappointed...he just kept working.

And Josh and Michael did some yoga.

And least our booth was pretty.
So...I think next year Good Day Sacramento should send someone up the day before...have him/her choose the artisans they want to film. That way only TWO will have to get up early...and the other TEN won't be sleepy, grumpy and without coffee.

(such are the things that make stories in our lives!)


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pieces for week 36: Losing track

We have been creating so many new pieces that I am, frankly, losing track of what was made when. Some pieces I have posted on the Kewish Designs Facebook page...others are sold before I can post pictures!

I decided to show a representation here...

Copper teardrop, added a layer of silver, ran it through the rolling mill with textured fabric, hand painted. Green has been an extremely popular color!

Hoops with sterling silver

Some of Josh's wire-wrap rings. Made with bronze wire and various beads.

Sterling silver flower on a sterling silver band

Hand painted copper leaf

Hand painted copper leaf

Sterling silver on copper.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Pieces for week 34 and 35: Pictures DO NOT do these pieces justice

My buddy/artist/vendor friend Pennie suggested I do a paisley in my style. I am not a big fan of paisley, so I struggled with this one. The little purple one didn't photograph very well, but I'm quite fond of it. Silver on copper. Smaller paisley is inked. (Large paisley SOLD!)

My friend Toddy (since 10th grade) wanted to see a wing...and asked for a cross "that was different." Easy-peasy - I had JUST made the "different" cross...and a she wants a halo. No really...hers keeps slipping! Silver on copper.
(Spoken For)

Just for fun I made some hearts. Silver on copper, inked.

Here is my "love" for this week. Copper and silver on copper, inked. SOLD!

Here are some of Josh's most recent work...dragonflies...just made them last night! The stone in the lead dragonfly is a garnet. Silver wings on copper. The garnet dragonfly and one other dragonfly can be purchased at PeraDice.

Another one of Josh's pieces. I love this Heart and Skull. I think it will be available at PeraDice. Hangs on a double 18" chain. Sterling silver with copper swirls. Can be purchased at PeraDice.
AND Josh has been working on a LOT of wire-wrap rings. Most are in brass with stones and beads. A few are now in silver-fill wire. AND we have lots of earrings and beaded pieces that I have not posted. I am hoping to carve out some time next week to do a huge photo shoot (with the "real" camera and not the phone camera) in order to post things up on Etsy.

Afterall - it's time to start shopping for Christmas! ;)

C'mon up and visit us at High Hill Ranch at Apple Hill. Grab a fritter and relax!