Friday, September 30, 2011

Pieces for Week 39...How to Make a Copper Leaf

My painted leaves are a big hit at our booth at High Hill Ranch! That is all I have been making. Instead of sending another batch of pictures of leaves...I thought I would share some pics of the process!

I cut out a piece of 18 gauge copper for the leaf using metal shears.
Using a template that I designed, I scratch the outline of the leaf.

I use the metal shears again to cut out the leaf. I prefer the shears over a jeweler's saw because the shears create shape in the opposed to the saw which creates a flat piece with no movement.

While the shears create "movement" in the copper, they also leave behind a rough edge. Lots of filing is needed.

More filing....
Filing in the corners...I file at an angle to begin to sculpt a shape in the leaf.
A leaf!
I use a colored ink to create unique designs on the leaf.
We will be at High Hill Ranch, Apple Hill, CA every day through December 11, 2011! I am already coming up with a ivy leaf designs for the Winter Solstice!

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