Friday, September 2, 2011

Pieces for week 34 and 35: Pictures DO NOT do these pieces justice

My buddy/artist/vendor friend Pennie suggested I do a paisley in my style. I am not a big fan of paisley, so I struggled with this one. The little purple one didn't photograph very well, but I'm quite fond of it. Silver on copper. Smaller paisley is inked. (Large paisley SOLD!)

My friend Toddy (since 10th grade) wanted to see a wing...and asked for a cross "that was different." Easy-peasy - I had JUST made the "different" cross...and a she wants a halo. No really...hers keeps slipping! Silver on copper.
(Spoken For)

Just for fun I made some hearts. Silver on copper, inked.

Here is my "love" for this week. Copper and silver on copper, inked. SOLD!

Here are some of Josh's most recent work...dragonflies...just made them last night! The stone in the lead dragonfly is a garnet. Silver wings on copper. The garnet dragonfly and one other dragonfly can be purchased at PeraDice.

Another one of Josh's pieces. I love this Heart and Skull. I think it will be available at PeraDice. Hangs on a double 18" chain. Sterling silver with copper swirls. Can be purchased at PeraDice.
AND Josh has been working on a LOT of wire-wrap rings. Most are in brass with stones and beads. A few are now in silver-fill wire. AND we have lots of earrings and beaded pieces that I have not posted. I am hoping to carve out some time next week to do a huge photo shoot (with the "real" camera and not the phone camera) in order to post things up on Etsy.

Afterall - it's time to start shopping for Christmas! ;)

C'mon up and visit us at High Hill Ranch at Apple Hill. Grab a fritter and relax!

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