Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pieces for week on hold ... I have something to say

A ten-year old girl said to me, "I am stupid. I didn't know what four plus two was, so I'm stupid."
I had a talk with that ten-year old.  I made it clear to her that she wasn't stupid.

Ten. T.E.N. Ten...already deciding this belief about herself. It doesn't get better.

I have heard twenty-somethings' say things like;

"I am stupid."
"I am bad."
"I can't do that."

I have heard thirty-somethings say things like;

"I am stupid."
"I can't change."
"Oh well, that's just the way life is."

I have heard forty-somethings' say things like:

"I am stupid."
"I give up."
"This is all too hard."
"Life sucks."

I have heard fifty-somethings' say things like:

"I am stupid."
"I should have, could have, ought to have..."
"I'm gettin' old."
"Sex isn't all that..."

I have heard sixty-somethings' say things like:

"I am stupid."

These lies that we tell ourselves...these insidious, flat-out-wrong beliefs about who we are - male or female - are keeping us all from evolving and advancing and progressing and being alive and vibrant.

There are many writers out there that write about loving your self and being gentle on yourself...peace - light - and all things holy.
I am not quite on their page.

Sometimes an individual has to take the warrior's stance against the bullshit that inundates us.
From our upbringing, to our media choices, the music we listen to...even the food we consume....

Few understand the challenge of "inner-warriorship." Many are apathetic. There IS a fight. There IS struggle and temper-tantrums and a whole lot of  things "I don't wanna give up..."

Most settle in with, "Oh, well....things seem ok...why fix what doesn't seem broke...."
Life is adequate. Life is satisfying.

I would challenge you on that...
You may find that you are more apathetic than you think...
Apathy will bite you in the ass.
And then it's too late.

A good way to move past apathy is to ask questions. Really? Yes, really.

Last night I was making a purchase and there was another customer with questions. She kept apologizing, to the other customers, for asking questions. I had to step in.

"There is nothing wrong with asking questions."

What I should have said was, "Asking questions is a sign of intelligence."
The Less-Than, Not Good Enough, Not Worthy, I'm Stupid labels...will be ripped off by me. One by one. As I find them.

And frankly - sex should get better and better with age. Because you SHOULD be learning more and more about all the bodies involved, your own and any other body involved.

Nothing about us is stupid, is lost, should ever whither...
We can break patterns, change, create new things, invent lifestyles and constantly educate ourselves.
This is why we are not stupid. We have amazing minds that move us into amazing lives.

I can write of this because I know.
Ask me.



  1. Well written, Lisa. Apathy. Wow. Taking a look in the mirror. I don't call myself names, but I think words like, "that's just the way it is." Powerful things, words. Thank you for using yours.

  2. My beloved Teri...
    Nothing is "just the way it is..."

    First lesson - look at nature. Always changing, growing, or, yes, even dying when it needs to...but always never the same.