Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pieces for week on hold...I have something to eat

Homemade peach cobbler. Want some?

The official name of this is "Wheat-free, Refined Sugar-free, Vegan Peach Cobbler."

And yes, before I began this project...I was a doubter.

I lu-UV ooey-gooey peach cobbler. (one moment, leaving the computer to go grab some of this luscious stuff....)..... I need a cup of coffee to go with this................. brb.

ok. So the Kewish household has been following the Ways of the Vegan.  Also going wheat-free (due to my allergic reaction to all things wheat)...and toss in refined sugar avoidance to help with blood sugar levels. You ask...what is left to eat in the world...?.... I've taken it on as a challenge.

(and if you are wondering where we get our "protein sources"... we get it from plants...) ok...

So...peach cobbler. Made my way. (btw...this recipe DOES contain calories. I do not know how many. I do not want to know.)

Kewish Designs.....FOOD!

Provocative Peach Cobber
(that title is much sexier than Wheat-free, Refined Sugar-free Vegan...blah blah blah)
Preheat oven: 375

6-8 desperately seeking meaning for their existence peaches (meaning: very ripe)
Make them naked and without seed. (skin and pit)
Cut into slices. With awe and wonder...put in large bowl.

Bathe them in Agave Syrup (about 1/4 cup)...delight them with cinnamon...mmmm and sprinkle in some ground cloves. Just a touch.

(Aw....come on...this is the BEST way to cook...makes all the ingredients happy to have such attention!)
Mix up this wonder and let it all sit together and co-mingle. They are all happy together. Let them have their time.
New large bowl.
1 cup Gluten Free Bisquick
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup Earth Balance Spread
a bunch of cinnamon
Squoosh this mixture up (I used a potato masher, you can struggle with a fork)...keep squooshing/mashing until the Spread is broken down into little pea size nuggets.
¼ cup + 2 tbsp So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut milk
1/2 cup pure maple syrup (yes, I used two different sweeteners...try wild)
2 tsp vanilla extract

Mix it all together.
Feel free to taste. Nothing "raw" in it...make sure you have enough cinnamon....mmmmm

Spray an 8x8 baking the happy peach slices in pan...pour the batter over....kinda urge it over all the peaches with a knife or spatula.

Place in oven for about 40 minutes. Do something vibrant and time absorbing...for 40 minutes. There are many options.

When your 40 minutes are up...take the yum out of the oven. Let cool...a bit.
Add icecream...we used Luna's and Larry's Organic Coconut Bliss...

indulge, eat, wallow...gasp with wonder.

It's amazing. is something else I made. It can be found at Journey Spiritual Center's gift store.

Sterling silver on copper moon with silver granulation

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