Friday, August 19, 2011

Pieces for week 33: What a fail looks like...and then it gets better

This is what a "fail" looks like. Yeah, thought I would "try" something and it just didn't work. I had a vision...I really did.

Don't ask.

ok, for this week I worked on a stash of simple pendants. Here is what they looked like before their "glamor shot."

 And here is how they look after 'make-up' and 'wardrobe' had some time with them (can you tell I have a 'theatrical past?')  :)

Dragonflies - SOLD!

Large flower on left - SOLD!


Next week I am challenging myself to do AT LEAST one piece with a set stone. It has been awhile and I really need to do some self-pushing.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pieces for week 32: Something Old, Something New, Something Repeated

Just a peek! Pre-staging prior to a show. We keep coming up with new product and need to have new ways to display it. It is best to figure out space, how things work and does it generally "feel" right in advance of the show. Table coverings are kept tucked away until the last minute. Kitties are way too fond of sleeping on everything!

This moon has had many lives! This is my favorite. It is actually three separate turquoise necklaces. I like the look! I can't decide if this is what I want to start wearing when I'm doing a show....


More keys, a bit bigger than the first round...and more dragonflies, hearts, flowers...some painted some not...these pieces will be ready for Midtown Bazaar tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pieces for weeks 30 and 31: Keys to _______ (and beads!)

Funky chunky skeleton keys...Keys to Love, Self, Joy, Wisdom and the Universe...and lots of beaded necklaces. Just for something different to do! update: ALL SOLD!