Friday, February 17, 2012

New Online Gallery, Media..and Pinterest

 I freshened and organized the blog a bit. Took out some tabs and streamlined. To view completed work, just click on the "Gallery" tab! I will add tabs and work when it's all ready. I realized how annoying "page in progress" notes are...all pages now have information in them. :)

While we saturated Facebook with our excitement over our free media exposure (print and tele)...I realized that saving all this on the blog would be a way of "scrap booking" all this great energy! So here it is!

One of our red hearts made it into the Feb/March issue of SacTown Magazine..."Stuff we love"...We "woo-hoo'd" and jumped up and down in Raley's trying to impress total strangers with our lucky media one flinched.

Then came the news that our work was going to be on TV!!! Here's the vid...

And the big "uh-oh"...I have discovered "Pinterest." How much fun is THAT site?!?