Monday, October 26, 2009

The Process

When I'm in the mood to create, and nothing is springing forth from my mind, I begin to peruse images online. I type in strange combinations, well maybe not SO strange, well...things like "Goth Christmas." That produced black Christmas trees and skeletons saying "What's so merry?"

I found it lacking any inspiration.

So, I googled other images...still uninspired.

Then I realized, that for me...when I'm in the mood to create, there is NOTHING out there that is going to assuage my thoughts...only my own self is going to bring peace to the creative frenzy. My own exploring, my own discoveries.

There are other times when I appreciate a good image search. Times when I feel empty and lost. What do OTHER people do with fire opal cabochons and copper?

But those times when I do something needs to issue forth, I need to just sit with myself and muck about the workbench. Something cool is sure to happen.

(written by Lisa)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Shoot

Today was all about a photo shoot. Set up a light tent, took some shots. Wandered around the deck looking for shots. Wood on the deck was nice...but its been done. Leaves, layered leaves, soft focus leaves. Dragon sculptures and jade vases. And then...she entered the picture.

Finally found a model we can work with. Opal. She’s fantastic. Quiet, still, makes no demands, can stand in the sun for hours and not burn. Now we can continue on with a theme of sorts. Before all of our work was rather hodge-podge. A lot of work, but a good day. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Inspired by Coco

Josh and I just watched “Coco Before Chanel.” There is a scene where she is pulling together the fabrics for a dress she is having a dressmaker build for her. She chooses a black fabric, the dressmaker encourages a light pink fabric. She studies the pink, then says something to the effect of “black shows off the eyes” or “black is good for the eyes”…and turns down the pink fabric (that was popular at the time).

She sticks to her guns. Her own fashion sense. Not being swayed by the “professional.”

It hit me really hard.


I design jewelry and I am constantly asked to “make things smaller.” So I have decided.

I am NOT going to make things smaller. I will make what I make.

There is an odd thing with women and their jewelry. Either a woman sees herself as bold and so wants to wear bold jewelry…or she sees herself as dainty and wants to wear something that can not be seen in broad daylight from across the room. Why? Why hide?

I have seen delicate females wearing audacious pendants and they look fantastic. So it isn’t about size.

It’s all about attitude. It’s about wanting to be seen. It is about loving stones and metal and making a statement of, “I have entered the room.”

Time to stop hiding. That goes for all of us.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Between then and when...

An artist brings into the physical dimension ideas that sit and wait in the unseen realm. When an artist decides to sell these physical representations of visions, patience is needed to find the other human that recognizes the vision and makes it his or her own.

Sound a bit metaphysical?

All artists do it.
All consumers do it.
The only different group are the 'art collectors'. They recognize a talent/style/voice that very well could be the next Monet or Van Gogh and they invest in the early art and they the artist waits...

There is a great deal of waiting in the art world.
There is a great deal of patience needed.