Monday, October 26, 2009

The Process

When I'm in the mood to create, and nothing is springing forth from my mind, I begin to peruse images online. I type in strange combinations, well maybe not SO strange, well...things like "Goth Christmas." That produced black Christmas trees and skeletons saying "What's so merry?"

I found it lacking any inspiration.

So, I googled other images...still uninspired.

Then I realized, that for me...when I'm in the mood to create, there is NOTHING out there that is going to assuage my thoughts...only my own self is going to bring peace to the creative frenzy. My own exploring, my own discoveries.

There are other times when I appreciate a good image search. Times when I feel empty and lost. What do OTHER people do with fire opal cabochons and copper?

But those times when I do something needs to issue forth, I need to just sit with myself and muck about the workbench. Something cool is sure to happen.

(written by Lisa)

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