Monday, November 16, 2009

Brass, ink and goth belly dance music

I had the dining room/studio all to myself tonight. I put on my latest music obsession...Shiva in Exile and Phutureprimitive (to be found when one searches music for "Goth Belly Dance"). Anyway, I decided tonight was going to be "experiment night". This is where I purposefully forget all the rules and make messes. To my amazement, I discovered the joy of alcohol ink on brass. OH MY GOODNESS. This discovery led me to digging out some pieces that have not moved...not even seriously considered...and dropped ink on them. Alcohol ink is made specifically for non-porous surfaces...and it is incredible on brass. I have a little bottle of Cranberry (lovely red), Eggplant (gorgeous purple) and...mmmm a green one...Asparagus? Anyway...a green one. After the ink dries, one can go back in and buff the ink off the you have these organic silver lines swimming across these reds, purples and greens. The purples are especially cool...very goth...very primitive. Totally inspired by the music. I am extremely content with tonight's experiments. Success!

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