Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good Day...or not!

On Saturday, September 10, the vendors at High Hill Ranch/Apple Hill received a notice that "Good Day Sacramento" would be filming a segment...and if we were interested in being at our booths at 7a.m. "working."

Well...what artist wouldn't love some free promotion?

We did. As did others.
So, most of us crawled out of bed EARLY, to show up EARLY...and then wait.

Note: usually we show up at 8:30am-ish to open at 9am. So...many of us were minus sleep and coffee. By the way - not a drop of coffee to be found anywhere. :-/

To make a short story - shorter - We did not get on the segment...nor did most others. Just two. The candlemaker and the glass blower.

I can't find the segment to embed. But I did take some photos...just for fun.

Camera guy sets up while artists wait....

More set up....

And yet more set gets better...


More LIVE!

LIVE! Explaining how a glass bead is made...

Setting the glass bead in the clay to cool...

Wrapping it up...

"Did ya see us on TV?"

Mike vows he will never EVER show up early again. Three years in a row...he's done this and has never made it on TV.

Dazzling Dawn...I think she should win the most beautiful booth award...if we gave them out! She hand-paints all her glass!

Meanwhile, while most of us were just standing around being disappointed...he just kept working.

And Josh and Michael did some yoga.

And least our booth was pretty.
So...I think next year Good Day Sacramento should send someone up the day before...have him/her choose the artisans they want to film. That way only TWO will have to get up early...and the other TEN won't be sleepy, grumpy and without coffee.

(such are the things that make stories in our lives!)


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  1. Heehee! I've had that day!
    Also, I would hate to have to explain why it is more challenging to sculpt soft glass that Pyrex and, no, you can't have it right away.
    Which is one reason I doubt I'll be at Apple Hill any time soon.
    Unless of course I come to visit you and Josh and tempt myself with fritters.
    : ))))))))