Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fire and Rain

It is a wonderful James Taylor song. It is also the name of a gallery in El Dorado Hills.

I think the first time I noticed this gallery was maybe a year ago...maybe. The gallery was closed the first time Josh and I stumbled upon it. We peeked in through the windows. I loved what I saw. Interesting and energetic art!! We noted the business hours. We would try another day and time.

When we made it back, I was completely enchanted. I was also filled with ideas for jewelry.

And then I saw the jewelry under the glass. Wow.

(out of respect for the artists and the gallery - no pics here! Although the link below has several pics on the slideshow!!)

I signed their mailing list.

Josh and I dropped in now and again to the gallery to just absorb all the neat creative energy in there. We would always walk away commenting on how much we liked it there.

A couple weeks ago I received an invitation to attend a "girls night out" event at Fire and Rain. I saw on the invite "trunk shows"...hmmmm... I decided to be audacious. I hit "reply" and wrote:

"How can one do a trunk show at one of your events...? And, here is our website..."

In no time at all the curator wrote back and invited us to participate.
The curator likes our work so much that she wants to put it in the gallery.
We left a huge stash of art jewelry at the gallery last night...

And now...our work is a part of that amazing creative space...

Fire and Rain Gallery

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