Monday, January 2, 2012

Photo Ramblin' - New Year's Eve 2011

Creative ideas look like this in my head.
Layers, things that don't make sense, a standard design,
something in the background, something up front...
a lot of stuff happening all at once.
("Gotta Clear My Head")

Best way to clear my head is to grab my camera and take pictures.
I really like taking pictures of other photographers taking pictures.
Ever look to see what the photographer is taking a picture of?
I didn't look this time.
Just focused on the girl.
("Day Dreamz")

Fabric fascinates me. I did strange things to the exposure and color to find the shapes in this parasol.

Sometimes I wonder if the bored aloofness that many young women hold on their faces...
is from all the mannequins that fill store windows.
("She Needs a New Career")

Kali. How fitting that I bumped into her on my walk.

These were on the sidewalk BEFORE the clock struck 12.
("Left and Right Shoes")

Look at the gorgeous curve on the dashboard...
("Sits on the Right")
I didn't go over and listen...but I did take a picture.
Other wall quotes gathered over the weekend:
"Expect Great Things" and
"Ask Bigger Questions."

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