Sunday, January 3, 2010

Discovered in San Francisco!

San Francisco buzzes with creative energy. There are galleries everywhere with unique expressions of how to view the world. The City keeps my senses on point and my own creative ideas take on new forms...even things that disturb me, intrigue me. Like this window display. There was a lot more going on in the display - but this shot is the one that creates a whole new story in my head.

"Creepy Baby Doll Heads"
Photography by Lisa Kewish

Not only are store displays edgy and unique...there are also all the fantastic artisans selling their items out on the streets. Out of respect I do not take pics of the artisans work, however, I DO collect business cards and web site addresses and I enjoy mentioned them in as many places that I can just to support their work.

Jimothy is a leather worker with an amazing spirit. He has founded Chi Stylez, handcrafted leather goods made from recycled resources. Yes, I purchased a gorgeous clutch and a wrist cuff..and had a GREAT time chatting with him. He came up from San Diego...HE gave us the tip on how to apply to be a street vendor in San Francisco.

We discovered beautiful fine handmade silver jewelry by Emilio Sotelo...simple and lovely. Very elegant designs. We like.

ok...and some work that completely captivated me...(and woke me up a bit...I'll be getting real busy soon) is the amazing copper jewelry by Astrid Walther and Christian Gardelle. What they do with copper is incredible.
The prices of their pieces is ridiculous low for the quality and beauty of the work...but then, that is part of the gift of copper!

I did get one tip...peanut oil. Dip copper in peanut oil and then fire it...apparently amazing things happens.
I'm going shopping today for peanut oil.

(authored by Lisa)

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