Sunday, January 10, 2010

Out and about...Sacramento's 2nd Saturday

Whew...what a great night. Headed out to January's 2nd Saturday Art Walk in mid-town Sacramento.
We've included as many links that we could to give you an idea of what art life is like around here!

First landed at Jason Thorpe's reception at The Denim Spot...check out what was going on early in the evening. (please forgive the strange ending to this vid...I'm still getting used to the camera and obviously have not checked into any editing software!!!)

We headed over to Crepeville for some food and while there, Lisa saw an ad in SN&R The Jammies.
Info on The Jammies
This is a great cause to support teenagers and music...we are thinking of going next Friday night.

We headed out of Crepeville and found ourselves in front of Jodette's Belly Dancing Studio. Here's what that scene looked like:

Jodette made her way across the room to hand Lisa a flyer with information for belly dancing lessons. (How did she know that I have been wanting to study belly dancing since I was ten????) hmmm $99 for 3 months, 3 times a week...and you get to learn Egyptian meditation... SIGN ME UP!!

Next up was the Sacramento Art Complex....
Stopped and chatted with Joe Tate - Lisa read the first line of his bio "I am from San Bernarndino, California...." and HAD to stop and talk with him (Lisa being from San Berdoo...). He's a very cool dude, here's his MySpace link: Joe Tate

Then we checked out some blown glass at the Los Rios Gallery in midtown.
Nicholson Blown Glass
Fire River Art Glass
...and yes, both places teach classes in blowing glass.
Yes...Lisa is adding that to her list of things to learn/explore.

Here's one of the shots that Lisa took tonight...

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