Monday, August 30, 2010

Only A Week Ago...

Ad seen on Craiglist: Free space for 60 days. Only 10% commission if you make a sale.

Yes, we moved on it, we answered the ad. Does it seem to good to be true? I will say that there are individuals in this world who are good and offer good things. It is true. This was an opportunity to grab.

The Market Place. A huge space in Rancho Cordova. And in this huge space, Kewish Designs secured a 10x10 block of realty...a void space ripe with possibilities!

We were told that there were four glass jewelry cabinets available - first come, first served. The cabinet was a mess, but we grabbed it, moved it and cleaned it. The light worked! Su-weeet!!

Now to decorate the space. Mind you, Josh and I have extremely different interior decor ideas. I am the wild bohemian/asian influenced/dumpster diving type. He is sophisticated, streamlined and sleek. Agreeing on how something should look takes us a. very. long. time. Very long. And it can get very heated.

We had recently done major cleaning at home, so all tables, coverings..."stuff" was gone. We had nothing to decorate with and not much of a budget. A plea was posted on Facebook - "got stuff?" and a beautiful couple, Sharon and North* Marques, kicked things into gear by offering up a dark purple throw-rug and a collection of small tables.

PERFECT!! Josh has a painting with purples, blues and gold. We were off and running. Sharon and North's offering probably saved us HOURS of! A trip to Ross and the perfect fabrics were purchased.

Our space looks incredible, but I'm not going to reveal the pics until after the grand opening on Wednesday.

We have a selection of jewelry in the cabinet, photography, paintings and prints all up or on easels. Stop by sometime and check it out!

The Market Place

11395 Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova, CA

There are several artists there who have work that Josh and I love and appreciate! The huge space has become quite the gallery!
*check out the gorgeous work by North!

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