Monday, July 18, 2011

New homes...

Just an update on some of our pieces...and where they are now...

"Bacchaus" was purchased as a gift to a woman who has a tracheotomy scar. I am absolutely fascinated that this piece...a piece that came into being because of an error on my going to cover someone's scar. (Copper got too hot and began to melt...the holes are a result of that! It was supposed to be a solid piece.)

This mermaid sold QUICKLY to a woman who fell in love with it....

Mermaid on the left is at PeraDice, mermaid on the right...made a trade with Pennie Pyle (of Pennie Wrapped Western & Wire Art Jewelry)for some amazing beads for our upcoming "ocean show" as Pennie calls it! :)

"Persephone" found a new home with a lovely lady...who wanted earrings to match. We whipped out a pair of earrings and gave them to the woman. I got a big hug from her! :)

I already told the story of this piece...about it being purchased by a woman who lost everything in the San Bruno fire.

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