Monday, October 24, 2011

Pieces for week 42: Turtles!

I was sitting in the booth last week staring at a piece of copper....wondering...hmmmm ...
and then I heard a little boy yell, "TURTLE!!! Look mom...a turtle..." he had seen one of the sun-catchers that our neighboring vendor sells.

Turtles. What a good idea.

So, I made some...and a key and another leaf...with a dragonfly!

One of the turtles sold the same day I put them out! A woman had just returned from Los Cabos, Mexico and had spent time with the conservationists who are working on saving the sea turtles. She saw my little turtles and ... well... had to have a little reminder!

It's the stories that are told to me that are amazing.
And now that I think of it...interesting timing!

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