Friday, October 14, 2011

Pieces for weeks 40 and 41: heavy panting...

ok, so, we have made lots of new wearable art pieces...
All have sold. No pictures! Well...I did take a few pictures so that I could have a record, but the pics didn't come out as well as I would have liked (so I'm not sharing...).

This is make something and have it sell just as fast...Some things have taken longer to find a new home...this piece just sold today to someone who "got" that...if she loved it, she had to buy it...because it probably wouldn't be there the next time...

Sold today! "The Experiment"... named after what it was...I wasn't sure my plan was going to work!

Josh and I worked on these hearts this week... Only a couple remain!! Josh is working on more as I write this post...

Hearts! (and a beaded thingy and an abstract something)

Ah...and last night my ship(ment) came in with new silver-fill sheet. Although I was really in the mood to be out and about doing non-artist/designer/vendor things...I just couldn't wait to get my hands on this stuff. 22 gauge silver fill...or silver clad...I made a leaf (on auto I think) and then did these cool scratches on the surface. Filed away the edges to created a silver leaf with a "gold" outline.

I made two more silver leaves while sitting in the booth today! No pics though! :( Too busy! :)

Silver clad leaf. Hand fabricated. Light and delicate.

ok - there you go. 71 days until Christmas by the week I hope to post some pics of our "Halloweeny" line! }:-}

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  1. Love Experiment and Silver Clad Leaf. The hearts are elegant and hang beautifully.