Sunday, July 1, 2012

Morning Pages - July Kick-off

Jamie Ridler has awakened some of us to the practice of writing 'morning pages' starting today, July 1.

"The Artists' Way" and "Vein of Gold", by Julia Cameron, introduces us to the practice of Morning Pages: to begin your day by writing...BY HAND... three pages of dumping out mind chatter. Ok...that is definitely MY definition!

I did pages for awhile while reading The Artists' Way...then lost the habit. Again, I did morning pages while reading "Vein of Gold"...and dropped the habit. And something here I do not understand. I LOVE doing morning pages, and yet, I keep dropping this activity that I love? What is up with that?

Doing morning pages is a total brain bath. I write everything down. From thinking that the journal I am writing in is 'larger' than most notebooks and maybe a page and a half is the same as three other sorts of pages... LOL. To wondering which bill to hoping that the next art piece will come together like I see it in my head. I yell at others and myself. I write about when I stop writing to feed the stray cat. I comment on the weather. Anything goes. Anything. It is freeing and enlightening.

Writing my morning pages gets SO MUCH out of my head. Morning pages burns off the crap that seems insistent on building up...and, the best part...morning pages always results in at least, AT LEAST, one nugget of amazing truth.

Yes. Why would I walk away from this delicious habit?

Check out Jamie's blog where she talks about Morning here.
Julia Cameron LIVE/The Artists Way blog is here.

My favorite is "Vein of Gold." I have just decided that I'm going to dig that book out and go through it ... again.

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