Monday, July 9, 2012

Rock Creek Cafe and Bows and Arrows

Breaks are needed! Sometimes you just have to drop what you are doing... go do something else!

The 4th of July was coming up fast on the calendar and we realized...we had no plans! So...we found some fun...and had a great day. A drive up to Rock Creek Cafe to eat some barbeque and watch Roni and the Flight perform!

We checked the map to find out where Rock Creek Cafe was....and it was....waaaayyyyyyy out in the middle of...nowhere.

We drove up Hwy 50, through Placerville...and drove through some beautiful countryside.
Then we came upon a single lane bridge that scared the ba-googles out of me. Josh was all serene... "Look at the view from up here..." Me? I was in the fetal position screaming, "JUST DRIVE TO THE OTHER SIDE!"

Yes. Some photographer I am. I should have been aware and appreciative and taking pictures.

Wow. We found Rock Creek Cafe...out there.

Rock Creek Cafe, 9100 Rock Creek Road, Placerville.

Rock Creek Cafe has been open since 2007 (I believe), and has been doing great! So, if you are ever out in the middle of nowhere outside of Placerville...definitely check them out!

Frank Ethridge - one of the owners...bringing out the barbeque!!

All you can eat barbeque buffet!
"Family style" seating!
We were invited to the Cardboard Boat Race! Cardboard and duct tape...that's all you can use btw...
Roni and the Flight performed...BONUS POINTS!! Back in the corner, playing bass, was Heidi Ethridge...another owner! Serious fun...and then they did some Led Zepplin. I was completely won over!!! (ok, I was already won over and Roni/Flight was REALLY how we ended up there...but by the time they pulled the Led out...I was REALLY won over!)
GREAT fun...and ate lots of barbeque and peach cobbler...and some berry cobbler...and then...
ohhhh, before I forget, the Finnon Lake Dam reconstruction project is now finished and the Disk Golf course is now open.

To find out more about Rock Creek Cafe (they cater too) go here...

On Sunday...Josh and I, still feeling adventurous, decided to go to the new location of Bows and Arrows. I used to browse through Bows and Arrows when they were on L Street, but I had not been to the new location on 19th.


Trisha Rhomberg and Olivia Coelho did a GREAT job with the new space. I think it's a brilliant business move...They still have the vintage clothing and accessories (and some new things) up front...the back of the store is the cafe...and out in the very back is a wonderful patio...

Out on the patio...looking in.

Lots of plants!

Misters going full blast and a shade canopy. It was extremely comfortable outside!

Eggs Benedict for me. And it was DELICIOUS!!

Josh had the pancakes with the Peach Thyme syrup. I had a bite...also delicious!

Coffee was good! (always important!)

another view...

The patio is doggy friendly. This cutie kept begging me for food. Would only let Josh pet her, I had to come up with food. Which I didn't have. Because I ate it all. Because it was good!
On Sunday, July 15, Bows and Arrows will be having a quarterly handmade shopping event and bazaar called "Makers Mart." This mart features local artists and crafters. Josh and I participated in Makers Mart years ago...a LOT of fun!

On Sunday, July 21, Bows and Arrows will be involved with "Bacon Fest..."

ok...get it? Bows and Arrows is happening...find out more about everything going on here.

We've had lots of it's time to get back to work!


  1. I Love that bridge now....well, now that I know that it was rebuilt a few years ago! Haven't done that drive for a few years....but our friends do it 2x a day!

    I know you had some great breaks in between all your studio time....including a pretty fun Saturday night as well! (smile)

    1. twice a day????? ACK!
      I suppose one becomes used to that treacherous thing! :D

      Yes...breaks are fun, but going to become fewer are far between! So glad we have friends like you who understand that! ;)