Friday, January 14, 2011

#2 Piece A Week...or....huh?

This week's piece involved a medium I have never used before, taken a class on or read a book. Well, maybe a few magazine articles and a few online blogs.

This was pure....WHAT THE HAY....HERE WE GO!

I'm that way.

Polymer Clay. Currently on sale at Michael's for 88 cents.

I conditioned and played and made weird shapes. Ran it through the pasta machine...goofed and fiddled.
Finally came up with this heart shape with a bunch of doo-dahs.

Much like our hearts.
Full with people and dreams and memories and future hope. Everything winds and loops and drops...there ARE empty spaces in the piece...just like there are spaces in our heart waiting to be filled. Very symbolic. I love the design...
then I baked it...and baked it...and baked it.

Then I decided to add some ink to it -
I added the ink...and then began to blot the ink...only to realize what I had really done was to make a very groovy heart stamp! that idea on the back burner.

The colors were vivid - but the ink stayed tacky - so I decided to bake it again.
It washed out the colors and created a whole new look.

I learned a lot and I enjoyed learning on my own.
I definitely will continue to explore this medium.

I am ok that my #2 Piece A Week isn't a "final piece" worthy of mass consumption.
It actually says a lot about where I currently am in my life.

Explore, experiment, play, try, reflect. Begin again.

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