Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Piece a Week 2011

mmmm by Lisa
Josh and I have challenged ourselves to make a piece a week this year. Each of us. Two artists making a piece a week.
Do the math.
104 pieces!

A few hours into 2011, I came up with a medium that is outside of my comfort zone. Outside and unknown.

Dryer lint clay.
Just found a recipe.

Now...what could possibly say "recycled jewelry" better than homemade dryer lint clay?

I once read a story of a women who painted pictures using dryer lint. She would have the entire neighborhood bring her their dryer lint...for the various colors! I probably won't do that...but I am eyeing a few blankets that have distinctive coloring.

Hmmmmm just realized that much of our dryer lint usually contains cat hair.

I think I have just talked myself out of that type of clay...but there is another clay...that I can make at home...

Off to research and play.

Due date for my first piece is Friday, January 7, 2011. Will report back on the 7th with my results!

We have created a page to showcase the work that other's have done! Send in a .jpg with a brief description of your work to and I will add it to the 2011 Challenge page!

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