Friday, January 28, 2011

Piece A Week #4: Yellow Opal Versus ... Me

Here it is. The yellow opal.

Ol' Yeller
It taunts me. Sits there on the workbench and keeps her secrets. "I'm not telling what I want to be..not telling, not telling..."

I have tried a couple attempts and received a big thumbs down from Ol' Yeller. Fine. I was trying to set it to be a pendant - when, really, she wants to be a part of a bracelet. Someone I just met mentioned "a big chunkin' ring..." Hm. A ring like that would be amazing. When wearing, all one could do would be to sit and show it off. Maybe that is not a bad thing. I am seeing it in bracelet form. I guess I can not put a timeline on it. She will happen in her own time.

Meanwhile...I sat in front of a fire the past few nights playing with suede, silk cord and crochet thread. Experimenting. Asking "what if..." and, tonight, I came up with this:

Hand knotted silk cord
I am not a "beader"...and chains don't really go with my style of metalwork - however - a suede or silk cord DO balance out my pieces. I have figured out a way to knot the ends for a nice clean finished look. I dug in to my knowledge of knitting to do that! ;)

Before I go I want to share a find...

Sunday I attended a gathering of women. One of the women was celebrating her birthday and was given a gift. It was a handmade doll. The doll was passed around the circle and each woman spent time admiring her. When I had the doll all I could think was, "I would LOVE to have a doll of my alter ego...."

Today, while re-setting up our space at The Market Place, the booth across from us had....a collection of these dolls! Each one unique and original. In talking to Gloria, the doll maker, I learned that she had indeed sold one doll...the one I saw at the party! (I love how life circles around like this!!)

Here is a shot at Gloria's Girls:

Gloria's Girls. Each has a distinct personality, her own name, her own clothing and her own story!
Listening to Gloria talk about her ideas and the creation of the dolls is just as enchanting as the doll's themselves! Here's more about the dolls and Gloria (click here). You can also check out the doll's at The Market Place.

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