Friday, February 4, 2011

Piece A Week #5 - PieceS, Actually And a Really Long Thank-You

This was a productive week in the studio for both of us! All kinds of metallic thingies sprung forth...meanwhile, "Ol'-Yeller-Sponge-Bob-Yellow-Opal" still sits there.

Ol Yeller Sponge Bob Opal
Fine. Sit there.

I made nine rings all in this style (some of you who are friends of mine on Facebook have already seen this shot)...

What you see are actually two rings that I stacked. Lots of lucious silver on copper...twisted, turned and polished to a bright sheen.

I am keeping those two for myself.

Here is a stash of rings that are now at Fire and Rain Gallery.

(yes, they are sitting in a bed of uncooked rice) ... smaller sizes, but lots going on.

Also - I wanted to share some of Josh's latest work...some really cute critters:

Teeny Tiny Critters - dragonfly, seahorse with opal and a butterfly.
These little sweeties can also be seen/purchased at Fire and Rain Gallery.

All in all an extremely productive week. :)


I wanted to publically thank an individual (who shall remain private) who sent me a very touching chat message this morning.

"I go back & read that facebook msg you sent a while ago every once in a while. Thank you. You two inspire me."

That is what I woke up to this morning and I have been thinking about it all day. The message is poignant because it came to me at a rather stressful time (will that check clear today? We really need that money to pay did by the way). Should we ONLY do these particular shows? Or should we add some others in? Should we have made more hearts for Valentine's Day? Or stay true to my personal beliefs that most holidays are commercial money-making driven days and I will not make things 'just because' it is "Fill In The Current Holiday" time. If I make a heart (and I have) it is because I am probably thinking of things of the heart and am expressing something I am feeling. I make abstract fine art jewelry. I work from the right side of the brain. The shapes, lines just "happen" and I go with it. Yet, sometimes I wonder if I am shooting myself in the foot for not plugging in to the current month and making something to just fit in. These thoughts cause stress. These thoughts freezes the ability to express and create.

I have done many things to "fit in." seems I have more potency as an individual when I become selfishly authentic and go with my own flow. This is called personal power. It is not an easy adventure. It is not for the faint of heart. I am realizing that I am a Wayshower...and am being watched. This is also not for the faint of heart. (I think I like that as a title for a piece; "Faint of Heart.")

My friend who sent that chat message - Thank you. I am humbled and empowered by your words. You are also an amazing artist and I have been watching and waiting for your own emergence. You have an incredible gift to give to the world. I continue to say: If there is anything I can do for you to help with your launch, let me know.

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