Friday, February 11, 2011

Piece a Week #6 - Display/Booth Project and a Super Genius at Work

Today Josh declared himself a Super Genius. Here are some shots of Super Genius Man at work.

Super Genius Man at work.

Stalking Super Genius Man...what makes him tick?
This week our focus has been on redoing our booth display. The challenge has been to do the re-do with limited finances. Some cool finds...tin cans that once packaged alcohol - Frangelica, Jack Daniels...etc. Nice tall tin cans that can serve as pedestals. (ready made pedestals can run $10-70 EACH depending on the style). Our pedestals may be, at the most, $2 each).

Another great find...FOR FREE...are the cardboard innards that fabric is wrapped around. I saw one at JoAnns, and ask the clerk if they recycled? or threw them away? "We just throw them away..." "DUDE...can I have them?" (yes, I said "DUDE.") She had several ready for the I claimed them.

Took our tins and cardboard innards (what ARE they called???) home, picked up some spray paint... VOILA! The cardboard is strong and sturdy and perfect for hanging jewelry. Tin cans, also spray painted, make incredible pedestals.

Here are some little peeks at our new display:

The "green" in the center is a tin can with round one of spray paint.
More flowers, lots of earth tones with purple and cream highlights...and some new work I have not shown yet!
The bamboo backdrop is supported by one of those fabric cardboard innards...a jewelry tree picked up at Goodwill for a dollar...a brown can peeks in (lower left corner)!
The entire display, and the new work will make its debut at Vintner's Cellar for Ladies Night, Wednesday, February 23.

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  1. Nice Display!! Love Super Genius Man... :-)