Sunday, February 20, 2011

Piece a Week #7: String Theory (work by Lisa)

First, the inspiration:

Raphael Delgado

I have loved Raphael's work for several years now. His "String Theory" work inspires me. What follows are my first attempts to explore my fascination with lines as movement...lines as possible meaning...abstract, yet oddly familiar. These shapes are everywhere in our lives.

When I started out, I had different intentions for this piece. But the "mistake" took on a life that I could not ignore.

Taking what I learned from my "mistake", I made this piece with "purpose." Even added a pretty agate. I call this piece "Fire Within."

This piece has been around for awhile. It has the same stringy feel. Silver is reticulated. Silver wire is fused on...some granulation balls for fun. Little garnet tucked in at the bottom. I call this one "Waiting to Bloom."

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