Monday, May 23, 2011

Piece a Week #20 - Tonbo

The Japanese word for dragonfly is "tonbo." I love Japanese art and I love dragonflies. I have done all kinds of dragonflies...and I have purchased many kinds of dragonflies. The deciding factor on the glasses I wear is that there are dragonflies on the frame.

This project actually was going to be something completely different (I love all things Monty Python too!). I wanted to capture the look and feel of a field full of dragonflies. I also wanted to work in sterling silver again. So...I created, what looked GREAT on paper, a cut-out and layered piece that I was going to run through the rolling mill with the silver.

YUCK. What a mess. It didn't make any sense at all. There were no dragonflies to be seen...just a lot of lines and a curve here and there. I found a very light pattern of a dragonfly so I began to saw out the design. I elongated the very nice silver dragonfly.

Now what?

I fused the dragonfly on another piece of silver, and began to saw out shapes...
I then hammered around the border.

Eventually this piece emerged. I am delighted with the results.


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