Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where Women Create/Where I Create

There is a delicious magazine on the market called "Where Women Create." Every issue is full of amazing female artists in their studios. Studios that make me say, "Really?" I presented the magazine to one of my art teachers and she, after drooling over the studios, slammed shut the magazine and said, "No artists studio looks like THAT..."

Imagine. What I would never come up for air! Take a peek for and check it out (I receive no monetary anything for sharing this..)

Where Women Create

The studios are magnificent...the articles about the artists, inspiring.

It seems that most women have taken huge risks to be an artist...many left corporate positions, tossed the Master's Degree...OR realized how to blend architecture into jewelry design. Love that!

In the spirit of the magazine, I thought I would share "where I create..."

I was inspired to write this post while sitting on my couch enjoying my clean living room. The mantle is filled with all kinds of shamanic type things. My photography on the wall...calendar with paperwork for shows...the usual cat.
The eclectic bookshelf. Old cameras, a teddy bear, a mask made of hemp, more photography, golden mouse ears and various crystals. Various important books and art magazines.
Really - I work a lot at this table. Catnip or squishy food often lures them away for a few minutes.
...but they always come back.

Here's a sneak peek of the work we are taking to Tahoe this year! The cat is staying at home.

I am beginning to define my space more that I have more time in the studio. Josh began a 40-hour a week job it is my turn to fine tune my skills and "find my voice..." This is gonna be fun!


  1. Awesome post Lisa. I've seen the magazine too. It started out several years ago as a single hard cover book with the same title "Where Women Create". I got it from a fried for Christmas that year. I tried to create a 'studio' too when I had my own home in an empty spare bedroom. I managed to get everything nice and neat and organized. I even bought some cabinets with doors for the room from Ikea. It was organized but I couldn't find my inspiration any more.

    Miss you guys,

  2. Thank you for your comment, Gloria. Miss you too!

    You know, Beethoven worked every day on his music...inspiration or not! I believe that the inspiration comes in the doing...

    Many people wait to be inspired, but really, inspiration is waiting for people...