Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Coffee .. in the evening

There is a coffee place in San Francisco that is one of my favorites. I recently met up with a friend there....
Cafe Flore. Check it out here.

I would love to be there right now!! Kick back, put my feet up...have a margarita! It has been a busy weekend....and it continues to be busy!!

We have something like 26 days before we begin our weekends at Lake Tahoe!! We pulled some of our work out of The Market Place for Lake Tahoe...that includes the dragonflies! ;)

We are both excited and stressed and...excited! AND there are lots of things happening here in town...

Arareity is having a special earring sale for we are taking additional earrings and bangles there in a couple days...
Fire and Rain is opening a 2nd store on Sutter Street in Folsom...big opening day for Sutter Street is Saturday, May 7 and Fire and Rain will also be open and having champagne...we will be there with a small table out in front...we will have all new jewelry!!!
There is a new store opening on 24th Street in mid-town that we are going to check in to...
And then there is The West Wind up in Grass Valley that has shown an interest, we need to follow up with that as well!

So all of that AND creating new pieces...and getting laundry done and the yard mowed once in a while.


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