Sunday, April 12, 2009

Listen to your inner voice to find inspiration

A while ago Lisa and I found these unusual beads made from compressed old furniture and other recycled bits. We bought several of them without really knowing what we were going to do with them. They sat in a box for months until just this last week when I suddenly remembered them as I was looking for inspiration for an upcoming Earth Day celebration. Earth Day...recycled jewelry components...INSPIRATION!

So now I am making a series of pieces using those beads. The first one is already done--silver, copper and recycled furniture. How cool is that? I wore it last night and got several positive comments from strangers.

The lesson? If you see something that catches your eye, but don't know what to do with it, trust your instincts. Take a moment, listen that inner voice, and if it tells you there is something there, then pay attention.

In this case, not only have I come up with a new series of work, I am helping the environment by using recycled materials. It is a win-win.


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