Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Necessity of Art

People have been creating art for tens of thousands of years. Creating is a primal urge. It is one of the main drivers of humankind's advancement throughout the ages. Why would the Ancients venture into dark caves to paint on the walls or create thousands of beads from seashells? These activities are not technically necessary for survival--or are they?

In our modern Western culture we often downplay the importance of the arts...and artists. It takes an extra special person to persevere in an art career these days. Finding a support system is key. The life of an artist can often be lonely with hours spent in studio laboring over our latest work of love. I am beginning to see the value in developing connections with other artists, for networking, for friendship, for inspiration. There are so many reasons for artists to unite. We artists expand the realm of the possible and with so many people filled with gloom and despair, what we have to offer humanity is a balm for their hearts. And by making these connections, we also heal ourselves.

I am an artist. I paint, draw, sculpt and make jewelry. These activities fill my heart with joy and contentment.

--Joshua Kewish

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