Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sacramento's 2nd Saturday Art Walk

Last night Josh and I explored the art scene during Sacramento’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk. My original intention was to take pictures of a fire spinning group, see what the samba parade dance group was up to, and visit the gallery of another associate who was showing work.

None of THAT happened…although I did see a fire spinning group a block away, but we were hungry and sitting down for dinner at Tres Hermanas won the debate!

I had forgotten that it was the 2nd Saturday fell on the last Saturday of Spring Break! Therefore, it seemed that the crowds were very ‘young’ and very inebriated at a very early hour!

However, I thought I would share some of the artists that I discovered, as well as some shots that I took.

Yuko Oyaizu Carson does wonderful work that I immediately was attracted to. Bright colors and lots of cats! Her artwork portrays her love of cats, sense of humor and her excellent eye for composition. Check out her site at:

Michelle Mackenzie does "contemporary abstract paintings". I found them to be quite lovely and ethereal. She paints what I see in my head as I sit down to work on jewelry. I have not achieved enough technical abilities to actually portray these wonderful images! Check out her work at:

Finally....Kristen Hoard. HER large metal sculptures LOOK like my jewelry. In fact, she was showing a couple pieces that looked like sketches in my book! Needless to say, I loved her work. PLUS...she uses fire as an element to her sculpture. I love fire. I spent a fair amount of time taking shots of the fire in her work! Check out her site at:

The pic that opens this entry was taken at Ms. Hoard's installation.

(Lisa Kewish)

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  1. Thank you for sharing about the art walk and wonders you enjoyed...
    You have access to wonderful culture...
    Great blog...