Friday, March 25, 2011

Piece a Week #12: It's a Twister! It's a Blob! It's really kinda ugly :D

Sometimes I take chances. Sometimes it works and I am pleasantly surprised and sometimes it "works" and I am humbled by how much I need to learn. This next piece is one that I probably would not "share"...I would tuck it away under "that was fun, I learned a lot - mostly, I learned how much I don't know."

Thursday was wild and stormy and FREEZING in the studio. I made some messes with things just because I was moving too fast (to get OUTTA the studio), got discouraged and decided to move into the dining room.
I pulled out the container with polymer clay and started to play.

One of the things that people do with the clay is to make "canes". This is where you take various colors of clay, stack them, roll them and then slice off pieces. Like making a jelly roll then cutting off the pieces. Anyway, you take the pieces and do amazing things with them. There are all kinds of patterns one can make depending on how you build your cane.

So I did this and found myself attracted to black, blue and a little red. Roll, layer, roll the layers...slice.
Now what? I felt the black and blue whirls were like the weather outside, so I ran with it.

I smooshed the swirls onto a piece of black, then added the blue and red lines and dots. And smooshed it a little more. Baked it...and here you go. An extremely primitive tornado.

Take a look at how beautiful this work can be...

The artist is Caren Goodrich. These pieces are made from mokume gane slices  Check our her blog "The Bead Bunny."

I will be spending some time there absorbing some knowledge! :)
I have some ideas...just need to know how to make it so!


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