Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Piece A Week #13. Really Week THIRTEEN?

Ominous. Week 13. I am not one to give in to superstitious numbers, black cats, or what the moon is doing...ok, yes, what the moon is doing (it is Void of Course right now btw).

Week 13. A week where I injured myself on Monday and can not do any of my usual creative work. I tried...but I do not have the ability to grasp things in my left hand...important in metal work, wire wrapping and even beading. Tried it all. Even tried to lift my camera the other day, can't quite get the left arm to work right for that either...ok.

Well, now what?

(For those who don't know, I tripped, bounced and did an amazing slide while running along the American River Bike Trail...lots of skinned skin...and a left arm that, while nothing is broken, is extremely strained. Lifting, grasping etc., is coming back in very slow increments...)

Anyway - I am about to take a huge turn in another direction...get kinda motivational, kinda philosophical, kinda in your face about something.

Over the past few weeks I have had conversations with females - of all ages - who poo-poo the idea of cooking a delicious meal JUST FOR HER SELF.

"Oh no....I only cook for others, there is no point in cooking for myself..."

That is the biggest piece of molarky...and one that I will instantly get in your face if you say the same to me.

Why you should cook solo meals:

1) "Cooking is the ultimate act of self-appreciation." (click HERE to read the whole Washington Post article).
2) How else are you going to practice? If you practice on yourself first, you will have more confidence when serving others. (this goes a long way with all kinds of .... things.)

Sure, I have my favorite "pop in the microwave" foods...there is a place for that - but it is an amazing thing to give to yourself an amazing meal. I believe it is a sign of incredible self-maturity AND unstoppable self-worth.

I think there is a difference in the food when the cook has this confidence and love of cooking versus someone who just follows a recipe. Big difference.

Not unlike an art class...there are individuals who just make what the instructor makes - and there are those who learn the technique and then make something different.

Those that just follow to say...mmmmmm there is no "soul" in the food. It tastes fine...maybe even GREAT...but food with no soul doesn't make you "moan." (this applies to many other ... things.)
I think that food served should make people moan with wonder.
Like a great piece of art will make people stop in their tracks...
A beautiful piece of jewelry will make people gasp.

So...cook something for yourself. Keep working with the ingredients until you can make yourself moan.
This works for many other ... things.

Once you KNOW you have a great plan for that fresh basil and garlic, because you have made it for yourself first...

Then share it with someone else.

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