Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Something Very Different (by Lisa)

Sharing something new. A collaborative piece. 
My friend, Tania von Allmen, handed me a moldavite...
I tossed in an onyx...
she said my favorite line, "Go for it...whatever you come up with."

I did some drumming and journey work and kept seeing the same vision.
I argued with myself...
"No...I don't do that kind of work..."

Repeat this scenario two more times!

At the end of the third journey session I realized that I needed to contact another to work with - and so I did.

So here is my design with the beautiful craftwomanship of North Marques. 
North did the wax carving, silver casting and stone setting. 
(Actually, she carved the hand and I did the surrounding work in wax...and she fine tuned it a bit.)

When amazing minds come together to create - amazing new life forms emerge!
Had I stayed "small" and argued with myself..."I can not do this..."
this never would have made it into the world.

End Credits:
Friend and amazing artist....Tania von Allmen... check out her work as a Symbolist.
Friend and amazing artist....North Marques... check out her artisan designed sterling silver sculptures.


  1. That piece is amazing, both for its creation from three minds and its cradling of mystery.

  2. Nice blog post!!! And, beautiful piece....