Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Coffee

When I lived in San Francisco, one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday was to roll out of bed, splash my face, then go to the nearest coffee house. I would order a latte - add shot - grab the most recent issue of The Bay Guardian, and if I was lucky, grab a window seat.

I would spend several hours reading up on life in the Bay Area and people watch.

This isn't so easy to do living in the suberbs. Rancho Cordova, CA is not a hotbed of edgy journalism. I roll out of bed, splash my face, feed my cats, make strong coffee and sit down and search for interesting blogs.

Here is what I discovered today. If you are interested in meandering along with me...just click on the names.

Austin Kleon - This is a fantastic read about how to steal like an artist. He points out that nothing new has been made...that artists just steal from each other. This is a long post - but worth the time spent. My favorite part is how 1+1=3. Today I subscribed to his blog.

Lavender Cottage - I read all over the blog and can not find the name of this artist. I love the work. Absolutely love the work. I have made it a favorite over on Etsy and desire to buy the dragonfly ring. I know I could make one...but I also believe in supporting artists. Oh...the quandry!

Michele Bowers - "Waves Arms Wildly" blog... scroll down and read her "About Me"... I feel like I found a soul sister. Yes...I sent her an email this morning. Haven't heard back.

Sakurako Shimizu - ok...this work is amazing. Lazer cut...designs are based on sound waves. How freakin' cool are the wedding bands???? "I Do" sound waves cut in the metal. Such clean gorgeous work. Oh man...I need a lazer cutter.

Zack Davis - I am seriously biased on this one. Zack was my first art teacher EVER. I love Zack. I miss Zack. Zack dresses like a chicken and guzzles beer during his art shows...or he used too. Sometimes he sits in a hot tub. Mostly...he is just an amazing being. He's in New York now...too far away to hang with.


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