Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday Meanderings (and where to find a FREE cup of coffee!)

A short business trip to Fire and Rain Gallery in El Dorado Hills turned into a fun photo shoot and a nice relaxing afternoon.

We parked the car in front of this scroll. My immediate thought was, " can I use that design?"

Love the glass work and the design.

This reminded me of a galaxy-big bang kind of moment. Again, more yummy glass work!

Time for a coffee ... this sunny table by the window? or...

Nice big chairs in the corner?

An excellent reminder!

This may be one of my favorite shots! I like how the candle is in the center...and this glowing light off to the's like how sometimes our mind/spirit is not quite in our body...and is sitting somewhere -----> over there.

Up high on the wall, in a nook, a teapot! Good place to hide secret messages!

Another nook, another teapot!
We took our coffees and headed outside. Norcal Sings was set-up. We heard people singing pop, soul and even opera! The man that sang opera was really quite good! Every time the wind shifted, the spray from the water wafted over us.

Josh decided to work on some chain mail. I people-watched!
By the way - Olympus Cafe (on Town Center Blvd, El Dorado Hills, CA) is serving cup a FREE cup of coffee through April 15. And not a little cup of coffee...a generous cup of coffee and it is quite good!

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