Friday, March 4, 2011

Piece a Week #9 - Braiding (by Lisa)

I have been doing something interesting this past week. Right before I fall asleep I think to myself; "Wake up with new ideas to try, solutions to problems and helpful realizations."

I have to say that every morning I seem to wake-up with some kind of new realizations.

I'll start with a realization...then a solution...then introduce my Piece a Week for this week...

When one is in the performing arts...many of your friends will attend the show/concert/reading. Why? Because individuals are entertained. Friends know that when they go to a play/concert/reading/poetry slam that they will spend two hours being entertained, and probably have a very cool party to go to afterwards.

This is not the case for attending a visual art gallery event.

You have to stand there...and think of witty things to say. If you don't really get, or like, your friend's work...painting, photography, sculpture, wearable art (jewelry)...then you are in an even more uncomfortable situation. The situation is even more acute if you can not afford the art that your friend is making.

When I was twenty-something, one of my jobs was at The Academy of Art College (now University). I worked in student records and served as the receptionist in the art gallery. One of the "perks" was to attend the gallery receptions.

Those gallery receptions were very boring.

A lot of people standing around coming up with witty things to say.

My next job was at the American Conservatory Theater. Opening nights were MUCH MORE exciting...with a loud and drunken opening night party after the show.

Much more interesting.

So....unless individuals are really REALLY into the art scene...or there is some amazing food and wine being served...friends will probably not show to a gallery reception.

Although I do have one artist friend that dresses as a huge chicken and guzzles beer during his receptions. That usually draws a crowd!

Helpful tip: if you are not into going to an art reception...keep your artist friend in mind for a possible brunch the next day. Artists miss their friends. :)  The only reason we invite friends to opening night receptions is to have a chance to actually SEE you and to show you why you haven't seen US! But hanging out the next day or two is cool too! :)

[changing the subject...this will only mean anything to metalsmiths!]
Use a touch of baking soda in the tumbler. This will ensure that any acid residue (from the pickle) is cleaned and neutralized on your metal work.

[changing the subject again]
Kick up copper wire work...braid it and add some is the results:

I took some copper wire, braided it and melted silver on it...what you are looking at is a peek at a necklace and another peek at a bracelet. I also made a ring and a pair of earrings that are braided...

These pieces will make their debut at A-RARE-Ity on March 12. We are the featured artists for the 2nd Saturday Artwalk. We would love to see you there...but...are open to meeting for brunch or coffee something...!!

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