Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Art Fest 2012 High Hand Nursery

I had a great plan to takes LOTS of interesting pictures ... and then the Kewish Designs "store" became busy! This is a very good thing, but it left me with few pictures! Here's a nibble of the weekend...

Entrance to the nursery with the rising sun shining on the sign!

Garden cottage...

 Question; which came first, the tin roof or the tree?

I found the resident kitty. He was checking us out as we waited for the doors to be unlocked.

Artsy shot of "Resident Kitty."
Our store front set up with the very cool paintings of Kermit serving as a nice backdrop.
Our neighbor, Kermit.
Unni Stevens, her paintings and our earrings. Her husband bought her the earrings after she admired them!
Josh contemplates the next featured stone!

2012 Art Fest at High Hand! I love how eye-catching and bright Jewelry by North's booth is!
Our other neighbor, Karsten Mouras, and her amazing colorful paintings was a delight! I didn't capture any shots of her, or her work, but she can be found on Facebook! Go look for "Artist Karsten Mouras" and "Like" her page!

For more on the various artists that were at Art Fest, you can go here.

It was a wonderful event! Very successful for Kewish Designs! We are looking forward to doing more events at High Hand!

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  1. Great pics Lisa! Jewelry by North had an amazing time as well...looking forward to the next art event at High Hand!