Friday, June 15, 2012


Sometimes when all is said and done, it has to be re-done.
Like this druzy. She needed some work.

I loved the piece, but I think that her little "kick" there on the right seemed not right to many people. I've hung on to that "kick" for several years... ARTIST'S CHOICE!!! I have this thing for not quite making things symmetrical.

However, after all these years I took another look at her and yes, the "kick" bothered me...

Black Druzy with fused silver and gold. With a kick.

I took another look at the design...blocking out the playful "kick"...

Better...nice balance!

I gathered up my tools...from my super-sonic Walmart glasses for magnification...and other traditional smithing tools...

Marked the piece with the Sharpie and used the jeweler's saw to take out the "kick..."

ahhh...a better balance, a piece of fused silver with a rose gold granulation ball...and files.

Some buffing, polishing and a nice warm bath in soapy water (best way to clean a druzy...)

and here she is....

Black druzy with stering and fine silver. Two rose-gold granulation balls.

I'm very happy with the results. She will be making her re-debut at High Hand's Art Fest June 23 & 24, 2012!


  1. Nice!!! Way to rework instead of trash...and I LOVE the Druzy!

  2. Thanks, Sharon... That piece is special. I think she is much happier! :)