Saturday, June 2, 2012

Now THIS is an Art Show!

"Art Shows" these days are iffy. Many shows are labeled as art shows and one may find a handful of artists surrounded by buy and sell vendors (or "bs" vendors as some call it...). So, I usually approach an art show with doubts and low expectations.

I was delighted and inspired by the work at the Art Fiesta at Town and Country (click here to find out more). Yes, actual artists and real art. Work that started my own creative soul panting and longing to get back in the studio...

While I will not post pictures of another artist's work, I am going to post a series of links to several artists that are at this show.

I would HIGHLY encourage you to check these links out and better yet, go to the art only have tomorrow (June 3) to see this work...then you will have to wait until next year!

Jewelry By North (click here).
North does lost wax cast custom wearable art made in sterling silver. She has some new pieces that made my jaw drop. GORGEOUS! (and yes, North, and her wife Sharon, are friends of ours...) :)

Kathryn Finn (click here).
Kathryn makes porcelain adornments that are lovely. After my short experimentation with cold porcelain...I can DEEPLY appreciate the work that Kathryn does.

Gini Crepps Mitchell (click here).
Gini's collage work is not shown on her web page. But WOW on her collage work. So much energy and fun and scrumptious layers of stuff. We had a fun time visiting with her and, her booth partner

Bobbie Pilliard (click here).
It doesn't appear that she has a website...but we did have a great conversation about High Hand and how it was her summer job for several years. I just saw that she participated in KVIE's Art Auction 2011 with this picture that I want... "Here's Lookin at Ya"

Ted & Nat Groves
No website...Ted does fused dichroic glass and Nat does beading. The dichroic glass is amazing. I now have my own piece of Ted & Nat Groves dichroic glass. He does something to create dimensions in the glass that are mesmerizing.

Lary McKee (click here).
I adore Lary and love his art. Period.

Find time, get out, support, go see real art and talk to the artists. It makes for an amazing day!



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