Saturday, June 16, 2012

High Hand Recon Mission

We are doing Art Fest 2012 at High Hand on June 23 and 24, 2012. I had heard about High Hand, but had never been. So, on the hottest day in the area thus far, Josh and I headed out to check out the scene. Sometimes it is good to know what you are getting involved in, before the involvement!

We LOVED it there.

If you go to High Hand - you can plan on spending a lot of time there.

High Hand offers the Nursery (from their web site): "High Hand Nursery offers a unique shopping experience. Tour our greenhouse, the home of High Hand grown plants. Unwind in a world of unusual plants, pottery and inspiring garden art. Relax next to the koi ponds and wander through uniquely landscaped venues.  High Hand Nursery also offers a full range of landscape services. 

The Conservatory: "Purveyors of hand grown, hand crafted cuisine, the conservatory offers brunch, lunch and dinner derived from the finest flavors Placer County offers, including fresh grown produce from our own garden. Located on the grounds of the historic High Hand fruit sheds, this inspired conservatory offers a unique dining experience." 

The Fruit Sheds - from the art gallery to the candle shop...there are plenty of places to explore and shop!

Here are some pictures from our adventure!

The High Hand Fine Art Gallery is operated & supported by a collaborative of professional visual artists. As usual, I do not take photos of art work! There are some beautiful pieces in there!
The room that fills up with rows of artists working and displaying their work during Art Fest!

I'm a sucker for old sewing machines!

An old couch! A real fixer-upper!

The Vintage Bricoleur was a neat store!
I had a half order of the chicken salad sandwich with zucchini salad! Delishesness...and a half order was plenty of food...Josh had a half order of the hot pastrami sandwich, but ate it before I could take a picture! :)

We shared dessert. Blackberry and lemon cobbler with ice cream.

All gone!

The view from our table!

Koi pond! Friendly little guys.

Places to sit and relax.

View while relaxing!

I climbed to the little "island" and caught Josh communing with the koi!

Gorgeous nursery!

Definitely worth a trip. Whether it is just for spending the day in this gorgeous place, OR to check out an event (Like Art Fest!!).

Two Thumbs Up with a big grin! :D

for more info on High Hand, click here.


  1. Wow, this is fantastic Lisa, thanks for posting this! Definitely looking forward to the event :-)

  2. Thanks, North! We loved our day there! We plan on going up there JUST to relax and enjoy the environment every now and again!