Monday, June 27, 2011

Apparently Posting On Facebook Status Lines Speaks To The Universe

What was all this broo-ha ha all about?

The McCollum Studios Tahoe Show is going to do a 17-day run July 1 through July 17. Those that commit to the 17 days get the prime locations.

Kewish Designs really needs a prime location.

Because we have been only doing Saturdays and Sundays, the organizer gives us the best he can do spots...We do the best we can do. We have a stunning booth and great art jewelry. But...but...we are just not making our numbers. At all. It is surprising us, the organizer and fellow vendors.

I woke up Sunday morning with the clear thought/image of: I am the CEO of a huge artisan company, and am sitting in my corner office overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge...I have this little art jewelry business that I really believe in...I can see all the potential, but was it really bringing in the numbers that I would like? No. Not all all. This business is costing more than it is bringing in. The galleries and stores are doing fine for this time of year. Online sales have come to a screeching halt, but the overhead is minimal. But these street shows are just not cutting it. The decision needs to be made. I have to cut out the Tahoe shows. I think about that while the fog covers the Bridge. I feel sad.

Yet...the street shows are my personal favorite thing. I have a soft spot in my heart for them. It satisfies the gypsy that makes up the core of my being. I love the grit and dirt, the drama and the friendships. But I needed to go completely hard-core business minded in order to meet my numbers.

The street shows have to go.

Or do they?

I'll skip a lot of the day here...but then the show organizer asked us about the 17 day run.

Here are the "challenges":

1) Where would I stay? (Since Josh works during the week, I would be carrying the show solo.) We can not afford a hotel room...we have friends there that have said we can always crash at their place. Great...except...their place is, while walkable, difficult to comprehend walking back and forth while lugging product and a cash box. I could drive back and forth...however...Josh would not have a car. How would he get back up to Tahoe to give me some days off?

So needed: a place to stay for next to free...and a vehicle.

2) No studio time. Josh can get 3 to 4 hours in the studio after work...but I would have no time. I have been putting in 10-12 hours a day...this is a huge loss...

however, the show organizer pointed out: "That is the BEST problem to sell OUT..."

Good point.

We do have a couple store spaces that we can take work out of...

3) Should we risk it?

And then I posted this on Facebook: Such a huge (but not bad) decision to make regarding Tahoe shows...I may write a blog post tonight to empty my brain...if you love me, you will read it and offer up helpful pressure...just sayin... :D

Moments after I posted I had a very clear thought of: "Now is not the time to be half-assed" and "Choice, not circumstances, determines your success." (Don't know who said that but I really like it and it popped into my head.)

I made the choice. "I want to do me out Universe."

I would say...two hours later...the pieces fell into place.

Friends that had the time to help me get to all the stores to pick up stuff...
Another vendor ("I Would Dye For You") ((LOVE their tie-dye bamboo t-shirts!!!)) has a wide open opportunity for me...staying with her at a hotel right next to the show...completely walkable...therefore not needing the extra all.
As far as studio time...I suppose I will be on hiatus from July 1 through July 17.

I'm very very good with selling out...
When that happens I will just order a drink and hang out by Lake Tahoe.
I think at that point I will have truly deserved it!

Re-cap: Basically...all has been provided. And we will sell what we have. Period.

So...I will be temporarily re-locating to Tahoe for July. Josh will still drive up on the week-ends. I pointed out that since the booth will already be set up...he doesn't have to leave home until 8am! This makes him very happy!

We shall see how it goes...I think the organizer is pondering doing a second two week run in August.

And then there is Apple Hill to think about.
But enough for now.

Thanks for listening. I welcome any other ideas or suggestions!

BTW...a couple years ago I did a vision board. I put all kinds of pictures, goals and statements on it. One of the statements was "More time for Tahoe" with a picture of the lake. I MEANT for vacationing...but I wasn't specific enough!!! But I'm good with having "more time for Tahoe" and selling my art.

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