Friday, June 3, 2011

Pieces for Week 22....

I decided that too many pieces were being overlooked with my "Piece A Week" I have decided to do "Pieces for Week......"

This week I really only had Thursday to work on pieces. Monday we were up in Tahoe, I don't remember Tuesday (!), Wednesday I spent the day up at Journey Spiritual Center (LOVE it there, I highly recommend going there if you need some meditation/energy work time) Thursday is when it all happened. I fiddled with a couple pieces today - but I am DONE. I need to get ready for this weekend's Tahoe adventure.

My main focus this week was on a piece that I have had in my head for several weeks now. I think to really do this piece like I envision it, I would need to have it cast. On the other hand...I challenged myself to see what I could do with fabricating the piece. The idea was a mermaid sitting on a crescent moon...her tail hanging over the edge...all flowy.

Before I share the pics with you...she was a royal annoyance. The EASY part was sawing out the shape...except I sawed out too much leaving the shape weak, with no reinforcement. So I had to change my plan...decided to fuse a full moon behind the mermaid, thus giving her some "support"...except my moon reticulated nicely with the just withered up....some choice words...then I decided to turn my withered full moon into a crescent moon. I also wanted to have some silver "bubbles" around I made a bunch of silver granulation balls...all fell off of her but two. (no, I am not going to make a comment like, "My mermaid lost her balls....") At the end...somewhat success...but it was so "silvery" bugged me. Anyway - here is the shot of the silvery mermaid...rather difficult to make out:

Mermaid on a crescent moon...difficult to make out the details...
I really wanted some I decided to rough up the silver a bit and add in some alcohol ink.

Mermaid in color!
Again, not a great shot - but I like how she looks. Her tail now looks like abalone shell! Anyway, this is one that looks better in person! She is going up to Tahoe...she needs a name...any ideas? I really like this style and will be working more with this.

I also made these yesterday and finished them up today:

Basic silver on copper dragonfly

This dragonfly was actually a "scrap"...I used the cut out dragonfly on another piece. The cut out was in silver. I took the silver and fused it on copper. Then added some alcohol ink for some color.

 Silver dragonfly. I felt artsy so this shot is in black and white!
Next week I have five full days to work on pieces. I have some ideas for rings and may focus in on that!

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