Monday, June 27, 2011

I Met Her...

In early June I posted a picture of one of my pieces:

and wrote "This next "dress up" was unexpected. I found myself drawn to the flat abstract painted disc and these big re-purposed beads! I could almost SEE the customer in my head. I will let you know how that goes!"

Yesterday this was the first piece of this series to be sold.

The woman who choose it lost everything she owned in last September's San Bruno explosion.

Lost everything.

She was out and about with a group of her friends, and was having a great time choosing new fun pieces to rebuild her jewelry collection.

I knew who I "saw in my head" was a fun-loving adventurous woman. I would say...this woman fit the bill. She also picked up some earrings and an chainmaille anklet....

Her infectious excitement over finding our work...lead another friend to purchase some pieces.

And then they all went for drinks.

It was a great lesson in perspective. You can loose it all...and have a lot of fun in re-building.
I was really glad I went with my instincts to create that piece. It knew it belonged to someone special.

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