Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pieces for Week 24: about 210 in fact

I believe that every artist should take a break from their usual medium and so something completely different.

For example:
Painters should try beading, bead artists take up paper mache, sculptures take up embroidery and metalsmiths take up painting. Or some sort of combination. The point is to step away from your usual tool/creative toy box and do something totally different.

Don't say to me:
OH NO!!!! I could never do that.

Yes, you can. You may choose NOT TO do something different...but you CAN do something different.
It's good for you. Makes you younger, more interesting and sexy.

That being said...last week, at the last minute, I tried something different. After hours in the studio my creative brain, while still very active, needed a break. While wandering around I discovered some interesting components and my very active creative brain screamed "WHAT IF????"

And so I ran with it. I hand painted some acrylic components, put earring findings on them and took the results up to Tahoe...


Every artist who vends has to have that balance between their "art" and the "bread and butter" work. The trick is to find the "bread and butter" work...and still be true to "art." Low materials cost, quick to make, low price point, grab and go, but still quality and hand-made....and holds the attention of the public. More than holds the attention... CHARMS the public. Delights the public. Never seen before and, WOW, it's HAND-PAINTED? For only this much money? (don't worry, materials, time etc...was all factored in...)

I had stumbled across the charm+delight+novel+wow-factor+hand-painted+silly low cost= SELL OUT! formula!

We have a three day weekend up at Tahoe coming up. Three days and a huge carnaval in the parking lot behind us. This type of crowd draw does not lend to people making big purchases, but they WILL make small token/momento purchaes...this is what we are ready for.

We spent $60 in materials and spent ten hours hand painting 210 pieces (all day Monday*). This will make 105 pairs of earrings that we are selling at $10 a pair...the math is good.

The pictures I took are purposefully not the best. These must be seen in person...with light shining through them...but I at least wanted to document this week's "Pieces."

And yes...it's only Tuesday. I'm gonna take Wednesday and Thursday OFF, and then Friday at 5am we are off to Tahoe!

the smaller painted pieces with have beads and chain incorporated

*Yesterday I was all poised and primed to take myself out on an adventure, but was so excited about making these, that I cut the date with myself short, came home and started painting. This is what PASSION is about.

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