Friday, June 10, 2011

Pieces for Week 23: Just a whole lotta....creativity

It has been a very busy week. So busy, that self-care (work-outs) fell off the schedule. I am going to get back on that wagon next week...

In the meantime - here is a re-cap of the work that is flowing out of the studio...all of this is ready for Tahoe this weekend!

First I did a batch of hearts! I did five and two are already up at Journey Spiritual Center's gift store. Here are the "Tahoe Three." Silver on copper...all hand formed with a nice big bail at the top to be able to put them on a favorite string of beads, a chain...whatever suits the client! :)

Next up were the mermaids. The mermaid on the right has this wonderful copper and silver wave at her She got LOTS of attention on Facebook! Thank you all! And no...I have not seen the new "Pirates" movie with the is on my list though!

And now for something completely different. I had the need to channel my Inner-Painter! A little alcohol ink on copper! These are the "advanced" versions of the pieces I did a couple years ago. A bit bolder. And yes...a mermaid. I used my pattern for my silver mermaids as a stencil!

Here's the mermaid all dressed up!


This next "dress up" was unexpected. I found myself drawn to the flat abstract painted disc and these big re-purposed beads! I could almost SEE the customer in my head. I will let you know how that goes!


Last weekend I saw some girls wearing some big funky crosses. It gave me's my version.

A quick shot of my assembly line...I make my own leather cords...

AND... Josh did another gorgeous commission piece...this ring was for of the women who works at the Fire and Rain Gallery. She wanted something special for her Alaskan cruise! :) She handed Josh a blue topaz and other than a couple ideas...just wanted him to do what he does. It is a beautiful piece!

Whew...a busy week. I should be in bed...getting up at 3:30am to head up to Tahoe! Creative energy has me bright eyed and spinning! :D

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